By tondrijfhamer

Night view

What seemed to be a dull Sunday-afternoon turned out to be a great one.
It's been a rather long time (too long) since I've been out to make some pictures. So I decided something had to be done about that today, even dispite the bad grey weather. Together with Peter we first went to the Punt van Reide to spot some birds. Nice. I have to look at the results though.
On our way back home we stopped near the harbour of Delfzijl to play with the last light of the day and with the light in the harbour also.
Nice, I have to look at the results though..

My final picture is the one I'm showing you here. Walking back to the car I saw this one, so I changed my lense once more and shot it. As a bonus a car passed by, creating the nice lines. But the photo was too underexposed and not too many cars came by. Then Peter had a brilliant idea: he would drive by at the exact right time. So he did, with, in my opinion a very nice result!

I guess this is my last post before Christmas, so now it's the time to wish everybody a Happy Christmastime!!

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