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By Sallymair

No, no, YES!

Having plucked up my courage to paraglide from Babadag, the weather for the next two days was bad, (extra) this morning however, the 2000m peak was clear so I was picked up at 10.30am and taken to the centre. We went by minibus up the precarious hairpin bend filled mountain road, with huge drops to either side, to my surprise there was still glacial snow at the top in crevasses around 1 metre thick.
We drove from sea-level to the 1700m flight point but it was busy, so was the 1900, so we went (just our group)to the absolute summit of Babadag at just under 2000 m, almost twice the height of Ben Nevis, there was nothing there, just a no entry sign and a gravel turning point.
I was strapped in front of my pilot into the tandem suit and then it was time. We walked two steps the chute lifted up and we began to run and after literally just a couple of steps the glider filled with air and we were off.
We started by going up, to my surprise, then soared out across the mountain and over the bay. I think the silence was what surprised me most. It was easy to talk to my pilot and he handed me the camera stick to take pictures. It took about the same time to fly down and around as it had to drive up, just over 30 minutes. It seemed no time when he said ok, this is for the landing video and handed me the camera again, a smooth landing, two steps on the ground and we stopped. Amazing! Definitely one more ticked off the bucket list.
C and I went back to the hotel for lunch then down to the pool for some sun and relaxation. At around 4.30 we went by Dolmus (local mini bus)for a wander around Fethiye in the sunshine. Back to the hotel for dinner, being Sunday they provide a wonderful Sunday roast, then a fairly early night. I think I earned it.
In amongst everything else I managed to do today I managed 13,660 steps so 4/4 plus a paraglider flight!

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