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By Sallymair

Spot the difference

Thanks for all the comments, stars and hearts for my paragliding adventure picture yesterday, they are very much appreciated. It's still nice to do mad things at times!

There are some almost familiar names here in Turkey, as in my blip, I haven't taken pictures of Neckst, or the many others around.
We had our last day here today, largely spent enjoying the sunshine by the pool.
We went for a long walk to Hisarönü and back before dinner and got my steps done, 14400 - which means I've met my target for 5 days out of 5 and don't have to worry about tomorrow or Wednesday, although who knows, airports can involve lots of walking.

Just as a matter of record, I've been using Strava to record when I've gone out walking and have done 62 miles so far this month, all of which have been in Turkey as we arrived here on the 1st, so I'm pretty pleased with that

Today's extra is a rose on the road just by the hotel just because it's lovely!

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