Everyday Life

By Julez

Messing about in the Arbo

It has not been a typical Sunday today. We haven't been to Jeri's, gone shopping or done housework. We have watched loads of Rugby League from both sides of the pond.

We would have gone to Jeri's, but she was off down South taking part in the T60 race - 60 miles along the Thames path. She did very well, and was the first woman to finish! This race is rare in that they don't give out medals, T shirts or any commemorative souvenirs! But she has photos and the knowledge that she did it (And the war wounds too!) Even so, it would have been good to have a tangible reminder too.

In between televised sporting contests Bri and I had a walk into the park with the photographic crystal ball I bought him for Christmas. He'd used it before but I hadn't. As you can see I really don't know what I'm doing.

TV sport wise, I wasn't happy: Man City are Premier League champions AGAIN, Man Utd lost AGAIN, and in the RL Challenge Cup, Wigan Warriors got knocked out by Warrington Wolves AGAIN!

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