Emergency Blip!

This morning whilst getting ready to go out I heard a helicopter circling above. I trotted out with my camera, and saw not one, but two air ambulances! My main shot shows our local one , and there's an extra of a second one - I'm not sure where it came from. The other very blurred and rubbish extra is included just to show how close to one another they were hovering at one point - just for a few seconds!

Over to my Folks. The Car was at the station (Joy...) We went shopping to Sleaford Lidl. I do like their chilli cheese focaccia! No one else seems to do anything like them! 

There's always some drama over there! Today my Dad was stressing over the gas and electric. They were advised to switch suppliers by the energy advice lady from the council, and assumed the smart meter would handle the meter readings. Apparently not! Neither he nor I know how to get a reading from their meter either! We are hoping the council lady will be able to assist!

Glad to be home now, though I have to go out again to Tesco in a few minutes! 

It is a lovely warm, sunny spring day today!

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