Everyday Life

By Julez

The Brayford Pool

Over again to The Folks today. I was expecting to put the new curtains up, but my dad had already done it - took him two hours he said!

My Mum was in one of her arsey moods today. So was the dog, because he had a bone. I'm not allowed to move or he thinks I will steal it, and if I so much as shifted in my seat he was growling and snarling at me. It wasn't long before Mother joined in, asking why I had to go there so much, or at all and she knew I was just after getting my hands on "her" house and property. (It's council anyway!!) If ever one of them* is "on one" with me, it is rarely very long before the other* joins in - they seem to feed off each other's aggravation.

When I came home I had to go to town to collect a prescription from Boots. No delays in getting my meds this time - it was super-quick in fact. I ordered it Monday and it was ready yesterday! After collecting my stuff I walked across the road to the Brayford to take some photos.

* i.e - Mum and dog!

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