Once again over to The Folks today. It was a little better than yesterday I suppose - Ally behaved himself today at least! Part of the problem is my Dad likes to chat to me, because other than Estelle, I'm really the only conversation he gets. My Mum has only ever really spoken to us to either let us know what is required or berate us. The only things that ever interested her as conversation subjects are weight (hers and others!) and dieting, housework or the shortcomings of her neighbours, colleagues etc. Anything else, she makes it plain she is not interested. Nowadays, it is just housework and complaining about me or Estelle!

My Mum does not like my Dad to chat to me, yet she doesn't want to talk to us either. I should only speak if I'm spoken to in her eyes, like I was still a small child! Not that my own kids were raised that way, thank God!

When I arrived there today I was very surprised to find them watching the "Clubland" music channel!

Anyhow, I am home now fortunately, and not due back there until Monday, so I can relax.

I have been over to the Post Office to send stuff and put money into the bank. I had a good walk in the park to get my 10000 steps. Now we are allowed to sunbathe and be out more, the park is as busy as you'd expect normally. People in general do still seem to be observing social distancing fortunately.

This photo wasn't taken this afternoon, but this morning as I took my camera with me for a change. A swan is nesting by the river just down from the lock gates - lovely to see!

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