By LincolnWarrior

Chrystal Ball take 2

A fairly relaxed day today , which did included  getting the bedding changed and washed and out on the line drying . The rest of the time has been mainly taken up watching rugby League on TV. We did find time to drag ourselves out to get a blip as it was a nice sunny day. I decided to head into the park and have another go with my Lens Crystal . This shot is probably the one i'm most happy with showing some of the lovely sky and you can just see a family sat on the grass enjoying the sun. One of them was very interested in  what we was taking photos of so I tried to explain it to him. A few more shots can be seen in My Blog .
Once back home we settled down to watch Wigan play against Warrington . Sadly we got beat  26 - 24 we had a couple of decisions go against us but we also made to many errors . 

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