By seizetheday

Curly horns

After tackling some chores and a couple of admin jobs in the morning, I spent the afternoon up a ladder painting a bit more of the living-room ceiling. Second coat of undercoat finished! This time my hair was firmly pinned up and under a newly purchased protective shower cap. (Not a pretty picture, and one I don't intend to share!)

After we'd eaten, a walk from Wooler Common to Brown's Law and back down through the woods - on the way up we passed a field of curly horned sheep. Amazing horns, but MrM and I were wondering how much they limit the sheep's ability to see.

It was a lovely evening and good to be out for a while. Lots of wildlife around - barn owls (apparently there are barn owls in one of the nest boxes on the Common this year), deer, hares, bats, and hundreds of rabbits...

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