Snail Mail

I decided to get some jazzier paper & envelopes for my IGGPPC pal, which I am slightly regretting as they're way smaller than regular paper and envelopes. Still, the letter looks super cute so at least there's that!

Posting this at the local Post Office was the most outdoor I got today; Rich and I had thought about going to the cinema but then remembered that the Villa vs Albion playoff was on at 12:30pm. Quite apart from the fact that I wanted to watch it, we don't live far from the Villa ground so we knew traffic would be a nightmare. The game was pretty good; frustrating at first because we had way more possession and shots on goal than WBA but couldn't make anything from it, then Albion capitalised on a really daft mistake. Luckily we pulled it back in the second half, though, phew! I really hope we can bring more to the second playoff on Tuesday. 

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