Winter Silhouettes

I realised this morning that I've gone five consecutive days without any kind of exercise. No running. No cycling. Not even any walking of any kind of distance. I think I've only once ever gone that long without exercise before and that was when I broke my knee just over 10 years ago - although it was possibly not much longer a period of time back then. Even though it was a fairly serious break and involved grafting bone from the hip to rebuild the knee joint and the use of various plates and screws to hold everything together, I was soon getting out on the moor on my crutches! You can do a lot on one leg.

So, this afternoon the rain finally stopped and I made it out on the bike. It was great to get the muscles working and draw fresh air into the lungs. It was very grounding and just what I needed after a morning working. There is so much water about though. The back road though Nesfield is flooded in several places I've never known flood before. I ended up with very wet feet. There was no way to avoid it. With strong winds and grey skies I've had to be a little creative today. I also wanted to post something more dreamery after the gritty reality of all the street photographs this last week. This is really far more me!

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