The Pepper Patch

By PepperG

Vintage Mono Monday

If you are of a certain age, were interested in photography in your youth, and shot film in the days before digital cameras, you are most likely familiar with this camera, maybe even owned one.

A Pentax K1000, it's a basic manual 35mm SLR, a workhorse for photography schools and the camera I used when I took classes back in the 70s. I've been keeping my eye out for one and after a bit of haggling, and trading picked this up at a thrift store and am a very happy camper. Don't quote me on this but my vintage camera collection (@25) may be complete.

At first glance it appears to be in working order, though I still plan on using a Minolta XG-M and a 50s vintage Zeiss Contaflex for my summer plans to shoot film. Anyone out there have a favorite film to recommend for mono/street photography?

... and the adventure continues.

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