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By JohnRH

Mono Monday: On the Doorstep

Look, I know this is supposed to be a mono challenge but I couldn't resist leaving this one in colour.  I've added a mono shot as an extra though.

We opened the bedroom curtains this morning and there was one of the sheep, clearly in the first stages of labour.  I went down to let the farmer know and he said that he had sheared all the rest of the sheep yesterday but noticed this one was in lamb, so left her.  Apparently it was unplanned; she had had a night on the town a little while ago when she escaped from the field.  He came down to check she was OK (the shot in the extra) and left her to it.  We watched out of the window and about an hour later she gave birth to the first lamb, but things didn't look right to us so I got in touch with the farmer again.  He came down and gave her a helping hand (quite literally); apparently the second lamb's feet were caught so it would not have been an easy natural birth.

We've been watching them on and off all day; the second born, despite the problem, is clearly the stronger of the two but both look well.  Late this afternoon Mum decided to introduce them to the other sheep in the field which was quite funny to watch.  She walked down to the other end of the field, brought them all back, and introduced them to the lambs.  They looked just like any friends of a new mother seeing the baby for the first time!

Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting the challenge this month but apologies for making the mono shot the extra!

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