By AMK81

Can you see a rainbow?

As predicted yesterday I slept a lot during the day! But today has been much better. I've been out in the garden in the hammock again for a while this afternoon.

I listened to a few podcasts on meditation and spirituality. One called 'drugs and the meaning of life' a podcast episode from Making Sense by Sam Harris. He explains how he took LSD when he was younger as a gateway to the spiritual world. And he had some powerful positive experiences before having some terrible ones. He does admit that you are just as likely to enter psychosis as have a spiritual encounter. Ultimately I think I'll stick to meditation - it seems much safer! - and whilst you don't always get such powerful experiences it is possible to have them. Which is kind of what he says at the end - that meditation is more subtle and you may never have a spiritual experience with it. But it opens something in you that could allow it.

Later on I looked up after meditating on the sounds of the birds and the breeze on my skin and saw a little rainbow in the clouds. I wonder if you can see it too?

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