Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: At my doorstep

I am catching up with my blips for the last few days!

Very pleased to be able to take part in today's Mono Monday challenge after AGES! I really wanted to post a picture of the Dubai Frame which is across the road in the park, but this wonderful garden which I so enjoy is literally at my doorstep. I have a first floor flat, which has unhindered views thanks to the balcony wall being made of glass. Thank you Nickimags888 for hosting.

I love this garden. It is really well maintained and in the afternoon, kids play in it, creating very happy memories I'm sure.

I haven't ventured out today. I didn't manage the breakthrough I wanted with my new project either. Not sure how it happened, but we ended up listening to biblical parodies in the evening, just before G made her legendary mushroom risotto.

And amongst all the news of the day, two items really stood out... Doris Day passing at age 97, and Victor Vescovo, the explorer who did an 11,000m dive in the Mariana Trench only to find plastic at the bottom of the ocean! Yikes!

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