By Beckett


.... well what a day!
Travelling west along the south of UK to arrive in Tavistock just as arrange with “super” Blipper Gilesey.
It was special to meet Diane again after our first meet back in 2015 at the infamous Wanaka Anzac Blip meet.
She picked us up and took us in/around and over the wonderful Dartmoor moors.
On our way out the blue hour sunset was amazing and liked this with the car lights on the road.
Animals are allowed free roaming in the moors so special care needed to watch for sheep ponies etc
What a wonderful part of nature including a view of an original Bronze Age setting.
Cannot thank Diane enough- especially the stop for dinner for a yummo rabbit pie, check the link below on Flickr.
Enjoy and have a look in LARGE
.... still chasing my “tail” with getting Blips done as we continue our “whirlwind “ UK visit... just added a Flickr album with pics here - thanks for looking back.

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