By Beckett


... today started our "whirl wind" trip through parts of UK for 6 days.
We headed off from London to finish up in Bournemouth via Battle and along the South coast, so a BIG day! 
But then sundown is not till late so making the most of it..

By the time we bid farewell to family who were back to Dusseldorf, took a London cab (have to say would have to be the best cabbie in London, to Victoria Station. He gave us a guided tour along the way, just a super guy, thanks Neil Bralee 07545707442 if you need a cab in London.

Caught the Express train to Gatwick, and picked up the hire car, so finally on the way south to Battle.

Of course this visit based around a long interest in the 1066 battle of Hastings and Thomas a Beckett etc etc.... every wonder where the Blip tag comes from!!

Anyway, another superb day, and we managed to make good ground checking a few spots on the way. 

After a great look around the Battle site, and from the main pic who would have thought such battle could have been - we then followed the South coast from Hastings, checking sites along the way like Birling Gap. What an amazing coast line, and of course on a perfect day. Check out some pics on Flickr starting here.

As mentioned a long day but we saw a lot and had fun arriving to our digs in Bournemouth around 8pm. A quick look around, a meal and hit the sack.

Enjoying and have look in LARGE and of course a belated back Blip so thanks for checking.

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