By Wildwood

Look Both Ways

That title reminds me of a story my Magnolia Street neighbor told me once. She was walking with her son David who was about three or four, and she was explaining to him the importance of being vigilant when crossing the street. After reviewing the rules with him they stepped off the curb and crossed the street.
"Did you look both ways?", my neighbor asked her son.
"Yes", he replied proudly, "and I even kept my eyes open!"
As OilMan was once fond of saying, "You buy them books, and buy them books, and all they do is eat the covers...."

Our walk around Spring Lake has become divided into three or four different mini-walks as Ozzie has slowed down. Today we walked over the small dam and came back along the paved trail which is being taken over by the Canada geese and their broods. Clearly there is strength in numbers as you can see in the shot in extras, but I liked the small boy and the mother goose each with their own mission in mind. The mother goose was hissing at passing dogs and grown ups but showed no concern over the small boy...and vice versa. They clearly had come to some sort of understanding....

It's been a cold cloudy day with a category 2 atmospheric river predicted for tomorrow and Thursday. I had coffee with my friend Tobi and we commiserated about how sick we both are of rain. This really is a departure from the 'normal' weather pattern, but I always said that there just isn't any such thing as 'normal'.

 OilMan has been outside tracking down the source of an irrigation malfunction. It seems to be the story of his life, but I think it brings out the engineer in him and he rather likes it. If an atmospheric river is coming, I don't think he has to worry too much about irrigation....

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