Whitstable seafront

The Yale Smart Home kit and additional sensors arrived today meaning I spent a happy hour or so unpacking everything, reminding ourselves where we were putting stuff and then installing the devices. All done by sticky pads and Velcro. So much easier than drilling lots of holes.

This evening I installed the system, linking up the sensors to the app. Surprisingly it seems to work. The alarm went off when we opened the front door. I’m not sure what good that will do us if we’re on our travels half way around the world!

In between times we went to Whitstable to walk along the seafront. Into a stiff easterly wind on the way out and being blown back with the bright sun in our faces on the way back to the car.

As we did last time, we called in at the Old Neptune for a pint of Whitstable Pale Ale and a large, unplanned, plate of whitebait. There was a wooden plank above the bar with a Latin poem, the first line of which reads:

Mihi est propositum in taberna mori,
`It is my intention to die in a pub’

I haven’t been able to find out what the rest of the first verse means and it seems this was one of many verses.

Mihi est propositum in taberna mori;
Vinum sit appositum morientis ori;
ut dicant, cum venerint Angelorum chori:
"Deus sit propitius huic potatori!"

Fascinating what you come across in a pub

Today’s blip is of some of the many boats and other nautical detritus along the seafront. I nearly blipped it the other week, but had a better offer.

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