Housewife's Choice

By christilou

Daring ........

he was rather today!  I had a busy afternoon and was rushing to get everything done.  I dropped my friend off after Fitsteps, went to Waitrose and came home to unpack the shopping and take a bath.  As soon as I came in I let Little B out into the garden.  Unpacked shopping, had a very quick bath then did some hoovering upstairs and down.  I got myself a cool drink and went to look for Little B, nowhere to be seen.  After two circuits of the garden undergrowth and retracing all the places he hides indoors I was beginning to worry!  I saw my daughter just arriving home and quickly went to the door and asked her to look outside.  After a few minutes she reappeared bearing the escapee in her arms.  He had got out under the fence which I think the foxes have been digging at, and was visiting our neighbour Pete ...... he with the large GSD, Bella that has already tried to kill him.  Luckily Bella wasn't loose today as she sometimes is and Little B was spared.  He must have a death wish.  Anyway, I got filthy dirty scrabbling away in the undergrowth with several bricks to block up the hole.  Pete is going to replace the fence this Summer anyway but it's going to be a job to monitor the gap until he does :(

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