Wild Child

This blip is almost as surprising to me as it is to you! I did not expect to post anything like this until some time next year and even then I would have expected a very different update. But sometimes things happen and you just have to see where it takes you....

Saturday afternoon at the dog dancing show, I met my friend Kimmie. She had her young bitch, Kiri, with her. Kiri is closely related to my boys and I was very involved in the planning of her litter. 

Kiri was born in a litter of two girls. I have blipped her before. Have a look at this! She is the result of a long search for the perfect stud dog, which would bring us back to the classical old British type of Border Collie.

Kimmie kept both girls from the litter, but Kiri is a wild child and Kimmie is a breed show person - not a dog sports person. Kiri's temperament is more of a dog sports type of temperament than a breed show temperament. She was bored in her life as show dog....

Kimmie and I talked about this... and today I drove to Hillerød to collect my new dog. Welcome to the family, Kiri!

If all goes well, she will at some point, go back to Kimmie to have a litter of puppies. Her genes are precious in the attempt to keep the old type of Collie, that I love so much. But until then, she is staying here with me and the boys and she will be training and competing just like the boys. 

So the Hazyland Boys are now 3 boys and a girl. It was not planned. It is not thought through very carefully.... It just happened. 

Sooo.... stay tuned and follow our adventures.
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys + Kiri

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