Thank You All!

so much for your comments, stars and hearts!  I really can't believe I'm 2nd on the top row of popular and have been all day :):)

First Love in a Mist (Nigella) blip of the year :)

Thank you also for you comments about my car yesterday!  

Unfortunately, when the AA arrived this morning, it was obvious it was a serious issue, and when the garage called me this afternoon I was devasted to hear its the clutch :( :(  Its unbelievable that my car has only done  about 74,000 miles!

Feeling very lucky and Thank God, that I have parents who help out and lend me money when there is this kind of unexpected issue, I know many people are not that lucky...

Anyway as I'm once more relying on train and bus journeys to work its off to bed and up early tomorrow, leaving home at about 6.15am to go to the station (45 minutes walk due to there being no buses :() and I've realised I left both my umbrellas in the car which is still at the garage!!!

I am so glad there is a weekend in the middle, though fed up I won't have my car to go out for the day on Saturday....

Happy Thursday folks :)

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