Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Bee Happy!

Blipping 7 Years!!  I really can't believe it!

Thanks for everything, especially to the Fab Four who kept us going :)

Apologies its not a very exciting blip, but its my first (in focus)  bee in flight :)

I was intending to go to the lake tonight on the way home from work, but there was a multiple pile up on the motorway and it took ages to get out of Reading.  Then my car chose to misbehave :(

Does anyone know about the tritronic gearbox on a peugot?  Mine suddenly stopped today (after being in heavy traffic).  I stopped the engine (with the flashers on) and got the book out to find out what the symbol was on the dash.  It says there was a fault with the automatic gearbox :(  However, I restarted the engine and although slowly I managed to drive home.  So glad it didn't happen in the fast lane on the motorway, but worried about tomorrow...

Oh well, its midway in the week!

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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