Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

Fluffy Chick

First of all Many Thanks to you all for the comments, stars and hearts on my 8th Year Blip, which is now sitting in 2nd position on the popular page :):)

I will attempt to thank you all individually when I can...

Furlough Day 32 15.05.20

I had a bad night last night, only slept about 2 hours and then was awake until around 6.30.  I did manage another hour and half but that was it.   I have no idea why this was, but all I could do was read...

So I've virtually done nothing today, though I did go for a walk along 'my river' as far as I could go in the other direction this afternoon and I've seen a few moorhen chicks and other birds :)

Then I walked back up the other side where I have walked before :)

Hoping for a good sleep tonight!

Happy Friday folks :)

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