method of transport

This is probably the most typical method of transport for my husband these days. Since we moved to our new home on the river he hardly drives his car anymore! The canoe, a wooden strip built, fiber glassed - maybe 24lb wee lassie, was made specifically for my husband, by my father who passed away last year - 10/01/11. The paddle was handmade and painted by Steven at Lucas Boatworks -where he is most often traveling to across the river. He is a happy man. Steven says my dad custom made that boat for him and at that time my dad had no idea that he was making the perfect solo canoe for an expert flat water paddler. My dad did not know when making it that this wee lassie canoe would get this much use and be so enjoyed - 1000's of miles under it's keel because it gets used every day. It is a very special boat for steven because it is the last boat my father built. Here's a 25 second video of him paddling off so you can see the size. Our dog Asia is with him as usual, I think Chloe was at Lucas Boatworks.

Adding this as part of the One Street project - this river is my street! View my photos tagged with One Street and find more about this project HERE.

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