A busy day for everyone!

Gulliver’s chemistry GCSE went well, he brought Erin home afterwards and Max supervised her creating some coursework to contribute to her Art GCSE.

Max has gone to his Mum’s, they visited Rob in the home and tomorrow they’re off to Spain.

I went to West LONDON to record vocals for Black Box (yes Ride On Time), I’ve known them for many years and have worked for them before, they are lovely, the session went really well, I have had to postpone it several times due to not being well so it was a huge relief, Rachael offered to pick me up and came in for a while, she was very excited to meet them.

Gulliver was already at Rachael and Kevin’s in Richmond where he’d had dinner, they then took me and James who is over from Perth to the local Japanese which is excellent. So good to see James again! We popped into a Spanish bar where there was a flamenco guitarist playing for a drink afterwards, Richmond is such a great place to live.

Back home I caught up with Zebedee who apologised ( he was rude to me last night), he is attending all the revision sessions now, final exam next Wed!

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