Almost rugby viewing time.....must get this blip in so I can relax.
A visit from Jack Frost this morning. Huge day in the garden, which wasn't meant to be.  But, we were making good progress, and could see the end in sight so carried on.  
Consequently, we are feeling the effects, sore backs and generally tired.
Our garden looks rather bare, but thats what happens with a serious Autumn clean up.
Doug mowed the road side lawns, and I came inside and enjoyed a soothing hot bath.

My blip is my PV blip tree, done many times in all seasons and conditions...this afternoon the colours were divine, rustic to yellow/orange/red.....pure magic.

Twenty-three images here, I can't even walk half way around the tree because the woodshed is in the way.

Have a super duper weekend folks.  


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