Wills Creek

Today's my first full day here without Jill. I hope these seven weeks pass by quickly. Her dogs really miss her. They keep running to the door every time they hear a noise outside. Delilah does this growl I've only heard her make when she hears Jill's car when she comes home. Now she does it when she hears noises out back around the time Jill would return. It makes me sad.

Jill's settling in, in China. She's in Changsha, in the Hunan province. It's a city of about 7 million. There are amusement parks nearby that she wants to get to. I hope I can eventually visit because that would be cool.

In this photo, this creek flows under the bridge I am on and meets the Potomac River. To the right is downtown Cumberland. I just noticed that mural on the right, so I might make that tomorrow's blip. The railroad tracks are for the scenic railroad here. Jill and I want to take it sometime. I saw the train pass by (the station is just behind me). There are no gates or bells at the crossing, so an employee was shouting at drivers to stop as the train slowly backed up.

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