One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Double chin Fayne #1

Ok, ok Mary. Let's look at the brief again. You want to go for the Are-you-fucking-kidding-me?! look.
Great choice! Always a winning ticket with the undecided voters. Now, tilt your head a bit more to the left, real incredulous, like. A bit more chin now. Yes, try to squeeze a few more folds between your jaw bone and the top of your neck. We're almost there, we're almost there! Now, the smirk. Give me the smirk Mary. Yes! Yes! Brilliant. The mouth laughs but the eyes don't, brilliant. And well done with the smudged Rimmel look. Nice touch! It's almost in the can. Just the eyebrows to work on now. Give me some tension in these. We have the folds of the chin, we have the smirk, we have the mad look in the eye. I just need a sign of tension between the eyebrows. Yes, we have one big tension wrinkle, well done Mary, you go girl... And now we have the second one now. BINGO!!
We have it. 
The You-'re-fucking-kidding-me-roigh look! 

Forget Sinn Féin, vote double chin Fayne! 

Tiocfaidh ár lá. 

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