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Urban Wonderland...

My former bandmates may not thank me for uploading this but it is a rather good and funny reminder of days past.

This our band in pre-gig preparations for one of the handful of live shows we did. We were named Urban Wonderland** and this night, we were playing at a rock night in a small night club called TeeJays in the village of Alva.

Starting top Left, we have Stephen Riggs on bass, then Shiner (Colin McKay) on drums, Neil Anderson, on guitar, bottom left we have Jamie Grant on vocals beside myself on guitar.

We did a 7 or 8 songs set comprising of a number of covers and original songs and remember it being a very fun night that paid us not much more than a beer from them bar.

This gig was arranged by blips own SueTastic and I believe Happy But Twisted were the main act through whom Sue arranged it. There is a live album from this night, stored online somewhere which I may release some select tracks from so if there is interest and you track comments on this, I'll add them later.

Special recognition also goes to Dangerous Al Watt who was our pseudo manager and provided a very good intro to the live album by screaming at the tape recorder that was sitting in the kitchen recording this night.

**Probably a long shot, but does anyone think they know where the name of our band came from. It was very specific.

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