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21 Again...

I thought we were just going for dinner with my family at 'The Birds and the Bees' in Stirling. It was the then girlfriendTFP (now MrsTFP), My Grandpa, Mum, Dad and brothers. After dinner, I took girlfriendTFP to my local Alloa watering hole, Peppes and we went through to the small bar first. I remember a Peppe stalwart, Richard, almost letting the cat out the bag but not quite. We went through to the main function lunge area of the bar and my first sight was the lettering 21 on the wall to which I thought it was someone else's birthday as well until I started looking round and kept seeing people I knew every time I turned my head.

In the picture here we have, from left to right, Steve, Ronnie, Jane and Jamie. To aid my memory, also in attendance was (and this isn't conclusive) Jeepo and Karen, James G, Trout, Julie C, Lynz, Moira M, Sue W, I'm sure Biff would have been there, Nicola D, my uncle Andrew and Aunt Elaine, Simon and Linda from my work where I'd left earlier in the day and thought were still there. There was a load more that I can't remember off hand but it was a truly memorable night and one of the few times I have been completely surprised.

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