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India Holiday: Jess' Birthday

Notes on these series of Photos...
This is from the days before digital photography and I didn't even have my camera with me on holiday but I found a few copies I got from my travelling companion.  I did write some brief diary notes from each day so I'll just relay some of them for my older more senile future self.  After my experience with my Australia holiday write ups, I may bring the standard of my 14 year ago writing a bit more up to date and edit myself it a more readable format.


Notes on the India Holiday...
We (David McNair and I) booked a holiday to Goa in India for a month.  We basically paid for a flight and a bedsit.  When we got there and were dropped off at our supposed accommodation, we found there was no bed and no organisation so we tagged along with Tom (a young doctor) and Ian (a guy from Cumbernauld).  Tom had come out for a week to meet some friends of his, so we got a taxi to the place they were staying in Little Vagator.  We met up with Tom's friends, Hew and Jess and as it was very late, we all slept on the floor of the room/hut they were renting.  The next day, yesterday by the date of this photo, we rented our own shack in the same village.  It was just a square room with a small crappy bed and a drain.


Notes from the diary for this day specifically...
I went to the Primrose bar to use the phone.  Managed to phote my Mum's office and got the answering machine but got through to Grandpa at home.  We went for lunch at a place just past there and met an Australian bloke.  After lunch we went to Shapora where I'm writing this and waiting for a delivery of sunblock at a local shop at 1800 which did turn up.  The water turned on for the first time today.  We have a tap on the road just outside our rented hut.  Later on we got sort of lost on the other side of Shapora.

We seem to have adopted a small kitten.  Today was Jess' birthday so we got cakes, champagne and stuff which we had at Hew and Jess' room while Dave and Keith played music with singing bowls, a saxafleet and a drum.  Later we ate at Ramdas'.

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