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India Holiday: Putting up a Hammock

Dave got in at 0700 this morning.  He was at an all night disco in Anjuna, I think the place was called Paradiso.  I wrote a letter to Joanne although I can't remember if it was Joanne McQuillan or Morely.  I found the post box and posted it along with the others I wrote in the previous couple of days.  Ian just got back from the beach.  Ian's brilliant.  Every time he goes down to the beach (every morning) he alwasy buys something from the beach sellers because he can't say no.  Keith gave us a story from my Star Wars book (Tales from the Mos Eisley Canteena) and then from "Illusions, Tales of a Reluctant Messiah"  Jim left today.  He had to get up to Bombay to get his flight back to England.

I bought a hammock at the Anjuna beach market yesterday and I managed to get it put up in our room today.

We went to the beach for sunset.  All these hippie type people were there, juggling, flying kites and stuff.  Just after sunset, small crabs came out of the sea onto the rocks.

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