Lost in Film

I finally got around to sending off the films I have been running through the two old film cameras I have. 

Fuji Provia slide film in the Pentax MX and Ilford PanF in the Canon A1.
Some of the results are in my 2nd account, Lost in Film with the username set to steveng_film.  I don't think this will be a frequently used account but I have had fun with the old manual cameras and there is something wonderful about receiving an envelope with developed films in their plastic covers.

As part of the experiment was to check the cameras were ok I went for the cheaper, low res scan option.  Next time I'll try the higher res.  One thing I have learned is how slow 50 iso film is compared to a modern DSLR which will be just fine at 1000+.   I've ordered some Ilford HP5 (400 iso!) which I used to use many years back.

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