Much of today has been taken up with the last of the sorting out from our few days away, followed by cutting the grass and then sawing a fallen tree into logs so one of our friends can collect them on Monday.
Truth be told, I quite enjoyed myself with the chainsaw :-)
To fully enjoy the textures, go for large on black!

I've also come to a decision and decicided to trade in most of my unused camera kit and buy a smaller, lighter, mirrorless as my lower spine has far to much to say about carrying the big 5Dmk4 about.  I'll be keeping it for real photography days, but likely to get a Canon M5 for travelling etc.  Just waiting on sorting out the quote from MPB,  but everytime I think I am there, some other widget appears from the loft!

Thanks to everyone who has visited my journal recently and left comments or awards. 

Five rolls of HP5 arrived today for my film cameras and journal One has gone into the Pentax MX, the rest are in the fridge :-)

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