By HeidiHH


I woke up at 6 am because the allergy symptoms are terrible at this point. So much pollen in the air. I take antihistamine, but it doesn't help 100%.

So I got a lot done early in the morning. I watered our plants and David's plants as he's still in Madrid. Then I finished the pants I was sewing. Then I sewed a dress I had cut some time ago. Then I started to make fridge magnets with hot glue gun.

When hubby came back from his cycle we trimmed Nelson. Then dogs out and lunch.

Then I took a nap! Which was brilliant. Now I have a chance to be able to stay awake for the Eurovision Song Contest.

After my nap I went to see Jen and David. They had had a good trip. They were laughing so much about all the things that had went wrong. I think they added few years to their life with this trip.

After that I've continued planning a thing we are doing next week. I'm 95% done now I think. I still need to check weather conditions....

So now finally Eurovision and my Emergency Blip!  It's been a busy busy busy day!

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