By Debs_thats_me

Fighting spirit

This is the last blooming plant we have in our garden - a Hydrangea macrophylla. Hydrangeas thrive in rich, moist soil and love the sunshine first thing in the morning. They will also bloom if grown in slightly shady spots. If you want pretty blue clusters of hydrangeas, add coffee grounds to the soil. The coffee grounds increase the acidity levels of the soil that allows the plant to absorb aluminium. That is, if the soil has a pH level lower than 6, the flowers turn blue or lavender; if the soil has a pH level between 6 and 7, the flowers turn purple or bluish-pink; and if soil goes over pH 7.0, the blooms will turn out pink or red. 
I admire this bloom (if you can admire a plant ;-)) as it decided to bloom later and be the last part of the plant not to die. I would have left photographing it until this coming Flower Friday but I don't think it will last :-) As well, I've gotten a bit behind in thanking everyone for the very kind comments, stars and hearts from the last couple of days, so thanks everyone. You guys are the best! :-)

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