Election Work Weekend

Today we were out on the town square spreading information about the left party. To be honest there wasn't so much interest from the public. Some had already voted, others were choosing not to vote, and of the remaining group a lot were already decided.
As well as informing people about our policies we also try to persuade them to go and vote, regardless of who they are voting for. A lot of sacrifices were made to get all adults the vote and it seems disrespectful to them to just not bother to vote. (Mini-rant now over!)
We spent a lot of time talking to those from other political parties who were also standing on the square.  The weather was good so there were a lot of people and families passing by. We offered coffee and biscuits to anyone, even if they had no interest in our policies, similarly the Social Democrats were offering coffee and home-baked cakes, and the Center party had bags of sweets. The far right SD party and the not-quite-so-far right party M weren't giving anything away except their leaflets. I think there may be a political comment in there somewhere.
I'd cycled down to town and on the way home I swung past the harbour, even more crowded than previously with parts for wind-turbines.  I think I'll try and blip pictures of all the bits that go into these giant constructions. So far there have mostly been blades and the whole structure...
Today I'll add this picture of the tower sections.

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