RPS Photowalk

Spent the day at a meeting of the RPS East Midlands Region Group at Whatton in the Vale. It had a practical element. Participants were to walk around Whatton taking photos on 'Colours of Whatton in the Vale,' with a view to presenting a selection of them in a book and exhibition for the village.

I enjoyed the walk in the morning. The sun shone, the buttercups glowed bright yellow, and everywhere was very green.

Someone or some persons influential must live in Whatton. It is designated a conservation area with several listed buildings, on the basis that it is a village with no main street, no pub (any more), no post office, no shops, and is characterised by narrow lanes. 

On the community meadow adjacent to the church which must once have been used for common grazing and related activities, but now belongs to a wealthy landowner, you can find embankments which I assume once marked the boundaries of ancient fish ponds marked on the village map. I've yet to find out more about this.

But you can see my photos in a Flickr photo album

Today's blip shows colleagues discussing this and that. I was the only woman.

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