Mind the Big, Bad Swan

Backblip. Too tired to post last night.

Basil and I went to Staunton Harold to buy some plants including a clematis which I intend to display on the step at the front. Then we went to the Peach House Cafe where I enjoyed a toastie and a piece of GF cake, THEN we walked down to the lake.

Quite a bit going on amongst the water fowl. The coots were still quarrelling with each other, unless they were already parents and scooping up food for offspring. A pair of Canada Geese were minding their four goslings close to the weir. Unfortunately for them, a big bad swan (see extra) wanted them out of the way and pursued each parent in turn until the geese were forced to fly away.

But while one parent was thus occupied, the other quietly swam back to shepherd the goslings into the reeds as far as they could get on the other side of the lake.

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