Nailsworth Festival Duck Racing

Helena and I had stalls at the annual Nailsworth Festival street market, which was fun. Next to me was a stall selling the wines of the Woodchester Valley Vineyard, a relatively new and successful local business. They have 45 acres under vines in three locations dotted around Stroud's Five Valleys. It is such a delight to see vineyards on the hillsides as it takes me back to spending time in the southern Rhone valley. Simon, the marketing manager, was running their stall and we had good chats in between flurries of business. I'm delighted to say that he invited me to come and take photos around their enterprise, which I shall definitely do.

Every so often there was a dip in the tannoy behind us, where there was a Punch and Judy Show in the morning and a festival stage with bands playing. It was replaced by a loud hailer announcing the progress of the entrants in the duck races. At a couple of times I managed to turn around and lean over the wall to look down onto the Nailsworth Stream and watch the thrills!

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