Happy Cat

Felines are creatures of habit. There are many little rituals we do with our tabbycat, Dexter, throughout the day. In the morning, after second breakfast, he gets a small bowl of milk. Once when Dexter refused the bowl (who knows, maybe the milk was approaching its expiration date), my husband put the bowl into the freezer for a few minutes. Dexter lapped it up with delight!

So now, Dexter insists that his morning "muggies," as my husband calls the milk, is icy cold. When my husband is making his morning cup of tea, he sets the cat's milk bowl in the freezer. The ice cold milk, perhaps with a light layer of ice along the top, is then served to Dexter on the table by the window in his room. Above you may see Dexter happily lapping up his morning "ice muggies." Look at that little tabbycat smile! :-)

The actual soundtrack to this photo was loud purring, as you might imagine. But here's a song to go with this photo: Foreigner, with Cold as Ice.

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