There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Peony Time!

I had to go into the office to get some files, and so I swung by the Arboretum on the way in. The peonies and allium are looking pretty amazing right now, and many other blooms are coming along as well.

Above you may see a photo of one of the gorgeous peonies. The red was very vibrant and eye-catching, especially with those golden parts in the middle. I saw many others, in assorted shades of reds, whites, and pinks.

Tiny Tiger wanted to ride the wild allium, and so he did just that. Of course, he fell off, but he got right back up on that horse (as they say). You may see a photo of T. Tiger sitting on top of the allium bloom, with me holding onto his paw for security purposes.

T. Tiger wasn't the only one who took a tumble on this day. I had a bandanna on as a mask, and I lose some of my peripheral vision when I wear it. I tend to look at my feet a lot, but I couldn't really see them. I, who have hiked a million miles, crossed a thousand streams, shinnied up and across hundreds of logs, boulders, and what-have you: Yes, I somehow sort of fell off the sidewalk and twisted my ankle! Owie!

There is additional news at the gardens, and that is that the construction on the new pollinator garden is at full swing. A huge area that used to be a grassy field is now a great big mud pit, with loud machines moving across it. And the latest thing is that they have fenced off the special Sundial that I have photographed so much. You may see it sitting in "Sundial Jail" in the extras!

The soundtrack song is for myself and Tiny Tiger, who both took a tumble on this day: Culture Club, with I'll Tumble 4 Ya. (But don't worry: the ankle is feeling much better now, on the following morning.)

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