There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Tiny Bunny in the Late-Day Sun

We have several tiny bunnies living in the yard, and I startle one almost every time I walk somewhere. So I have started to sing as I walk, just a light, happy tune, to alert the bunnies that I am coming, so they do not startle so much.

We had a visitor on this day, the Little Gray Kitty. He had not been around for several weeks, and so we were very glad to see him. However, we feared the worst for the bunnies, as he is a known bunny chaser. (You may see him giving a fangy yawn in the extras.)

After LGK left, in the evening, we saw all of our bunnies again, and so we were quite relieved. I took some pictures of one of the bunnies grazing on the fresh grasses growing in front of the shed.

Let's let the soundtrack tune for this posting be the song that I sang to the bunnies, to warn them of my approach: Three Dog Night, with An Old Fashioned Love Song.

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