Rabbit: So Young, So Disapproving

We are well blessed with little rabbits this springtime. We have seen at least three different ones in the yard. And all day long, as you go around here and around there, up pops a wee face, with a twitchy nose and little ears! They are adorable, and silly, and I can't stop watching and photographing them.

This is the bunny that I discovered in the left part of our front yard on this morning. It was between 7:30 and 8 and my husband was still asleep. I grabbed my camera and went on a bunny quest, which yielded two rabbits, this one, and a smaller one (see extras) that reminded me of the woolly mammoth buns we used to see in winter time.

I didn't get around to downloading the pictures from the memory card onto the computer until late at night, and when I did, I sat and laughed out loud. Look at the LOOK on that tiny rabbit's face. Harrumph! So young to be so disapproving. Clearly it is disappointed in ALL the choices I've ever made in my life!

The song to accompany this is Roxette, with The Look.

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