The Racing Tiger and His Portable Tree

Last summer, I bought a brand new yard cart, but it has not seen heavy use yet. Most recently, I have been using it to house a Norfolk island pine tree, which I brought home from the office when the quarantine started.

The tree is not hardy enough to stay outside overnight on the colder nights, but with the tree in the cart, I can simply push it in and out of the garage if I need to. It's a handy solution.

Well, guess who discovered the little tree in the cart on this day: Tiny Tiger! And he thought that it was a racing sort of situation: that he and the tree could become partners in some kind of wild street race!

Given the current situation in the world, of course T. Tiger is wearing a mask. I did explain to him that the mask should be something to cover both nose and mouth, but he liked this mask better!

Zoom zoom, little Tiger. Put the pedal to the metal! Let the races begin!

Here's a song for a racing tiger and his portable tree: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, with Racing in the Street.

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