First Lady's Slipper Blooms

My husband and I went up to the gameland for the morning. He jogged while I hiked. When I was there a few days ago, I was only able to find a few lady's slipper orchids, and they were looking sort of puny. They didn't seem to have been liking the cold nights.

But on this day, I went back, and I spotted several lady's slippers that were just starting to open. The color on these is very pale, but I suspect that eventually they will turn a darker pink, as that is the color we most commonly see there.

The vernal pools are full of water and they are making some fine reflections indeed. The ferns are curly and cool, and are unfurling in the most delightful ways. You may see a photo of ferns and reflections in the extras.

Spring is springing up all over in the land of the woods and waters, and say what you will about what's going on everywhere else, springtime just might be the best of times in the natural world.

The soundtrack song is a recent quarantine solo version of the Styx tune The Best of Times, performed by Dennis DeYoung.

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