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By arkensielphoto

Wildflower - White Campion

Today's picture is of a wildflower, white Campion, which is growing in one of our borders. It is actually in the border specifically for wild flowers although there are not many others visible at the moment and no poppies so far.

My students are nearing the end of their module and so I checked early this morning to see if there were any queries or requests for a late tutorial. As no one wanted me first thing, I did some gardening. Mainly planting the tubs and finishing off the window boxes. I had quite a lot of small flowers left over as I bought more than usual at the supermarket because they were very much cheaper than the garden centre so I planted up three hanging baskets. Now of course I have the mammoth task of watering them all!

I caught up with my knitting yesterday afternoon and hopefully I might get the baby top finished this afternoon.

If you have a moment you might like to pop over and visit my friend Sharon, from the U3A photography class, who posted her first picture yesterday.

The temperature at noon today was sixteen degrees Celsius. Quite sunny, but it did keep clouding over as though it was going to rain; so far it has not.

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