Day Of The Diva

By Katherineellis

Happy birthday Rachael

Her birthday started at midnight on the dancefloor, dancing to my PA!
We had a fantastic night with all the DJs and party till four in the morning, we had a hilarious drive home via a drive-through McDonald’s.
We were very excited to find Tammy Wynette trailer at the venue, apparently the people that own the venue used to be part of a management, it’s worth about quarter of £1 million, it is absolutely beautiful.

After a few hours sleep and a lovely breakfast with Stonebridge and Joey we headed off to Chalcote house for some National Trust action, what a stunning place with beautiful grounds, just what we needed before heading back to London.

Back at the Richmond house Kevin and Barbara have cooked up a storm, a fabulous roast turkey, lamb, cauliflower cheese and all the trimmings, Sally and Rick, florist Matthew Landers, friend James over from Perth, obviously Lauryn and Kaitlyn as well as Gulliver and Erin and Erin‘s mum Jeannette who brought a delicious homemade Pavlova with her. It was a lovely relaxed lunch and a nice day so we spent some time sitting in the garden.

The boys and I got a cab home, I was knackered!

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