Happy Husband

Mike had the third session of laser surgery on his right retina this morning at the hospital in Évora, and has been given the all-clear for five months. We picked up the window, that was meant to be ready Friday, as we went through Reguengos, and he's spent the afternoon preparing the hole for it, going gently, he says. The wavy pattern is from the shade cloth he and Keith put up.

I walked into town to post photos at the Post Office, and deliver various other photos, and my old camera to Ermelinda, who's going with C and the Padre on a group trip to Turkey. Love walking round town and chatting to folk, but the constant pain in my foot isn't fun. Pleased to report that men were on the castle tower scaffolding, banging away, see extra for a rather interesting effect from the sun.

- for Dr Antônio, the ophthalmologist, and the work he's done to save Mike's sight
- that Julia has landed safely in Ibiza
- being able to bless people with photos

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